National Insurance Case Study

Client Intro:

This client is a nationally known and renowned insurance organization in the United States. The primary headquarters approached our team in order to assess specific social media campaigns, as well as increase the Oklahoma and Texas regions’ lead generation efforts. In order to fulfill this demand, we reviewed the statistics surrounding current campaigns, including Facebook, SEO, their existing email nurture series, Google advertising, as well as regional flex testing for video advertising using nationally-run marketing campaigns, as well as regionally tested content.

The Challenges

The client had been using multiple lead sources, including 5 agencies, lead share programs from pooled resources, internal marketing efforts that were resulting in $90/lead results, and incongruent messaging across traffic channels. The client had superficial marketing analytics. Although they had worked with multiple marketing cosnultants, they had never actually received the results of their data while forming the marketing strategies. This caused their messaging to remain out of step with their ideal client’s motivation to enroll.

The client had a substantial amount of content, funnels, creatives, videos, and landing pages, driving over 39 Million views per quarter. They achieved this through OTT (Hulu, YouTube, and alternative channels). This created a complicated internal dialogue, as the CMO, their VP of Marketing, stakeholders, and marketing panels had signed off on the current structure – only taking us on reuluctantly as a result of lack of performance.

The client’s internal team faced entitlements that made it difficult for changes to take place internally without an arduous approval process.

The client had invested heavily into marketing strategies that, historically, had been performing exceptionally well, propelling them into a multi-billion dollar organization. This resulted in a complicated market acceptance testing process to validate any and all changes that we were to propose.

The Strategy

  • We analyzed the account and website with an in-depth audit, then performed marketing analysis to determine how best implement our strategies. We collected data for 4 weeks during which time we tested many different creative pieces generated internally or designed by clients’ teams before finally validating their success based off historical records alongwith various other factors such as geographic location & demographic makeup
  •  With the help of our Creative Team, we were able to create a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing lead magnet for clients. We shaped their customer experience through testing different variations on how they would interact with it as well as what messages would work best.
  • Developed customer journey, including landing pages, upsells, consultation requirements, (top of funnel, email nurture series, middle and bottom of funnel content, and audience development)
  • Captured data through monitoring traffic and customer flow to the site for data collection, applied Mouseflow to monitor customer interaction with the site, and developed a strategy based on all collected data.
  • Our team created over 400 variants for creative testing, and the same number of variants for messaging and CTA testing, on 50 separate occasions. We conducted micro-tests to determine best resonance of creative prior to providing recommendations for video creation, which can equate to over $500,000 per video. All messaging required a validation prior to being passed to pre-production.
  •  Our team met with the client bi-weekly tobdiscuss data analytics and plans of action to help reduce costs and improve results, continuous data analytics were conducting in order to validate each modification made.

The Results Thus For

  • Our data analytics and scale specialization allowed for regional agents’ businesses to launch by over 60% within the Oklahoma region, 43% within the Dallas/Fort Worth Regions, and over 110% within the Tampa FL region. As we’ve begun a regional rollout within the Western states, we have seen a consistent increase of lead generation by over 83%
  •  CPL from Lead Ads was already low,creating the perception of high-performance,regardless of the returns being produced. We were able to decrease the price per lead by nearly 27% from the already low cost through refining their desire-based marketing strategy to match their ideal clientele.
  •  Our marketing strategy substantially improved regional performance, allowing our
    team to perform flex testing which resulted in scalability within similar demographics and socio-economic regions.
  •  The client was still happy as new customers were coming in from Email Marketing and funnel nurture series
  •  Following the launch of each ad set, we were able to show substantially high retention, customer satisfaction, higher upsell correlation. Thisd resulted in the client enrolling in multiple coverage services,and staying with the company for nearly twice as long, statistically.
  •  The company has chosen to retain us for a minimum of 2 years

Health Insurance Brokerage

Client Intro:

A health insurance business Facebook, SEO, email nurture series, and Google Case Study. Learn how we managed to bring in more than 1,000 leads for this health insurance business using comprehensive marketing analytics, 192 clients generated, and a pay-for-performance model.

The Challenges

  • The client purchased leads through a third party vendor through a “pooled” lead share.
  • We only had 2 months initially to produce real results.
  • The client did not have any lead magnets (funnels, video, or any content).
  • There were no landing pages in place and no websites for their agents.
  • The client had no ad account.

The Strategy

We started off with an in-depth audit of the ad account and the website, beginning with a 4 week Rapid Fire Test, collecting data and testing high-quality creative
☝️ Our internal Creative Team created lead magnets, shaped the customer experience, and created graphics on behalf of the client using their creative guidelines
☝️ Developed customer journey (top of funnel, email nurture series, middle and bottom of funnel content, and audience development)
☝️ Created and “seasoned” the pixel by sending traffic to the site for data collection, providing all collected data through comprehensive marketing analytics with an in-depth strategy for growth and decreased customer acquisition costs.
☝️ Despite tremendous results in the first month, we were not satisfied with the Lead Quality, using Power My Analytics to determine results, and using Hyros to reduce per lead acquisition costs.
☝️ We built 2 different landing pages and started testing them
☝️ Our team met with the client bi-weekly to discuss data analytics and plans of action to help reduce costs and improve results, modifying the agreement to a pay-for-performance model to allocate more budget towards marketing.

The Results

The results skyrocketed in the very first month
✔️ CPL from Lead Ads was below $10
✔️ The conversion rate of leads to subscriptions wasn’t that great initially
✔️ The client was still happy as new customers were coming in from Email Marketing and funnel nurture series
✔️ After we launched the landing pages, the CPL went up a little
✔️ However, the conversion rate skyrocketed this time and the client was converting at a better rate
✔️ Within the first 2.5 months, we generated over 1,000 leads
✔️ And the client was able to convert 192 leads into health insurance clients.


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