This accountant was facing the global recession harder than the competitors and had to
get back up again. We chipped in and brought him back in business within 3 months.
Here’s how he performed over 3 months:

The Challenges

To build highly targeted cold audiences with no prior data and warming them up into leads at a low cost.

The Process

  • We did extensive audience and competitor research for the client to build the right audience persona with winning conversion probability.
  •  We coupled that with the lookalikes of the high lifetime value (LTV) audience and begin our TOF campaign.
  •  With a daily budget of $30/day initially, campaign budget optimization (CBO) worked wonders in distributing the budget where results were coming from.
  •  Getting 46 ready-to-convert leads in 3 months was no less of a miracle for the accountant who dropped down to 3-5 low-paying leads a month.

The Results

  • We successfully booked the client 46 calls at a 63% conversion rate.

  • With dynamic creative ads, we got the creatives that would convert for the account for a long time down the road.

  • Our TOF audiences seeded for the other funnel levels too, so the client had the blueprint of success right in his hands for future use.

  • He was absolutely amazed at the low cost per lead for the high-paying clients, comparing the results with those of his colleagues.

Needless to say, he survived the global recession like it never happened.


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